Turkey Cupcake ideas


Peanut Butter Cups TurKey

This recipe is from Hershey's. A chocolate cupcake with peanut butter cups and M&Ms assembled as turkey.

Reese's Pieces TurKey cUPCAKES

A recipe by Your Cup of Cake. For this cupcake, the turkey feathers and the eyes are made of Reese's pieces and the beak is made of hershey’s kisses chocolates.

chocolate sprinkles cupcakes

This recipe is from Sugar & Soul. You will need chocolate sprinkles, chocolate pudding, candy corn, candy eyes and reese’s pieces.

Oreo Turkey cupcakes

So creative and unique turkey decoration using oreo cookies, whoppers, peanut butter cups, candy corn, and icing. By the Brown Eyed Baker.

Candy Corn TurKey cupcakes

By Simply Happy Foodie. To make a turkey face, top your cupcake with chocolate frosting and decorate it with candy corn and candy eyes.

buttercream TurKey cupcakes

You will need Wilton No. 103 piping tip to decorate these bright and festive fall-inspired turkey cupcakes. Via The Preppy Kitchen.

Thanksgiving TurKey Cupcakes

To decorate this turkey topper you will need fudge stripe cookies, oreo cookies, candy corn, and M&M’s chocolate. Via Kelly Stillwell.

Pretzels Turkey Cupcakes

This turkey cupcake idea is made up of pretzels, m&ms, candy corn and edible googly eyes. By Delish.

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