side dishes

chicken tenders

5-minute honey mustard sauce

By Pinch of Yum. Honey + mustard in one! This is another side sauce that goes well with chicken tenders aside from ketchup.

crispy onion rings

By Natasha's Kitchen. Absolutely homemade but with restaurant quality. Favorite with burgers and also perfect with chicken tenders.

garlic parmesan pasta

By The Cozy Kitchen. Creamy, garlicky and add lots of cheese to your heart's content. A one pot pasta recipe. Easy-peasy.

simple green salad

By Le Creme De La Crumb. Serve these leafy greens with baked or grilled chicken strips. Add nuts, cheese, and your favorite dressing.

low carb hamburger bun

By Delightful Crunch. Fill this bun with strips of deep fried chicken tenders, add some lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and cucumbers.

grilled vegetables

by Damn Delicious. When you have lots of vegetable leftovers, you can never go wrong w/ grilled veggies alongside any meats.

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